Happy Halloween 🎃

Hello my lovelys,

Just a short Hello from me and to say I have made it safe to my new home Scotland but still needs time to sort things out.

Monday I have a Jobinterview so keep your fingers cross please.😨

Wishing you all a happy halloween


Stay tuned and thanks for waiting so long for me
Yours Ninjaprincess xx

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Monday Motivation

Hello my lovelys,

as you noticed it been a bit quiet here latley. Reason beeing, we about to move. So till things settle down, i will be just briefly online and blogging. I hope you miss me lol and talk to you whenever i can.

Stay healthy and talk to you all very soon.


Stay tuned

Ninjaprincess x

Daily Motivation?

Hello my lovelys,

who is with me to have exactly these days you just dont know what the one thing is that drives you to wake up in the morning and do whatever it is you do?

I have to admit, right now iam or let me say we miss exactly that drive .

After so many ups and downs, the last couple of months, started to taking big effects on us.

Normaly you get up, more or less cause you have to. You need to get up to go to work, school or taking care in the morning of your family. So overall everyone of us is having a duty to fullfill. We had a mission, a plan, a reason to get up to.

Now, its all about restructure and reorganisation and the only reason which wakes us up right now in the morning, is our lil Puppy Zara 🙂 and trust me, she WILL WAKE YOU UP lol


Cause someone wants her breakfast or walkies 🙂
At least we still find a reason right now, to get our asses moving and get things done lol.

Brighter days coming up, i can smell them:)

What is it that drives you to wake up and get it done?

Stay tuned

Ninjaprincess x