Friday Chilling with #Flens

Hi lovelys,

Today i bought myself some girly beer


and iam just starting with the left one the Flens Strawberry Rhabarber 🙂


My husband happily opend the bottle with the typical” plopp effect “and poured my very redish drink in a Glas.


First noticed, it has a strong beer smell but a very refreshing flavor.  My husband tried as well and also passed his Men judgement positive.  Its a very refreshing,  tickling non alcoholic drink which has a strong fruity flavor but not to sweet. I think the Rhabarber takes the sweetnes of the Strawberry out.  You can still taste a form of beer.  We really like it.  Been a good choice so far.  Cant wait to try the other 2.

Do you like non alcoholic beer like these?
Stay tuned and happy weekend
Ninjaprincess x



Happy to read from you guys

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