biopinio testing the barbecue sauce from byodo

Hello lovelys,

today my husband had the honor to test a product from biopinio. Biopinio is a new test forum, which can easily get accessed over a App downloaded over the App Store. As soon there is a test available, you get informed per notification and can easily attend via App, during minutes. Get your bio product sent to your home and the test starts.
The test sachet we got from biopino, was a completly vegan barbecue sauce from byodo. Bit sad we only got one tiny sachet but nevermind:))wpid-img-20140712-wa0000.jpg

All excited we decided to give that test a proper shot and do a nice barbecue today. Since the weather been playing in our favor we bought all the barbecue ingredients we planed to use, as hamburger, steaks, salad etc.

Preparation been all in full progress and my husband decorated full energy and love a hamburger to put at the end, on top the barbecue sauce from byodo.wpid-img-20140712-wa0001.jpg

All eyes on him and he bite in his hamburger and……….ok, that was his statement. Its ok, but no big flavor in it, not made to use for a hamburger. He hasnt put any other sauce on, no spices, just salad, cucumber, cheese and some tomatoes, Nothing to spoil the barbecue sauce.

He tried the rest of the sauce without any meat and liked it lots. 

End result from him is, its defintely no sauce for putting on any kind of strong meat like in our case hamburger, its more a kinda chicken nugget dipper.

Been an intresting test and we say thank you to biopinio and hope to test soon more.

Stay tuned 

Ninjaprincess x




      1. Ja, aber das wusste ich. Das stand in der App. Ich bin schon länger bei Pollion und wenn jeder anfordern kann, werden es Proben (reicht). In dem anderen Fall wird ausgelost. Dann bekommt man “mehr” zum Testen. Hat mich nicht gestört. Kanns ja gerne mal meinen Bericht lesen. Ist noch auf Seite 1 recht weit vorne.


Happy to read from you guys

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