How excited is everyone for the german game tonite?

Hi ya lovelys,

how excited are you for the game tonite?  We are trying to pretend that we not excited.  But honestly cant wait for it lol.


Are you going to watch it on a public viewing or at home? You got any traditions you hold on to,  like dont wash your top till the end? I hold on to that haha? 

I wish you all a beautiful fussball evening and lets get the cup to germany!
Stay tuned
Ninjaprincess x



  1. Ich gehöre zu den geschätzten 2% in Deutschland, die nicht mal das Finale gucken, geschweige denn ein anderes Spiel gesehen haben.;) Bin froh wenn das Ganze Gehupe nachts vorbei ist… Dir aber viel Spaß beim Fußball-Gucken!


Happy to read from you guys

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