LEICKE KanaaN PC VGA to TV Composite Video RGB Converter


Hi Lovelys,

any idea what it is?


well we didnt and still not onehundred prozent sure what it all can:p.

A few weeks ago i attented a productest at Leicke Friends and got choosen to be a future Leike Friends Tetster.

What is Leike Friends:)

Be a product tester and join LEICKE Friends!

Unlike many large companies, we are like a big family at LEICKE. Our company has a friendly atmosphere and each of our staff is passionately dedicated to revise and improve our products and services over and over again. We encourage agility and communication. We believe that this is vital if you want to innovate and respond to new opportunities.

However, our most reliable source of praise and criticism is you, dear customer. From you, we can still learn a lot about the use and functionality of our products. For this reason, proximity to our customers is particularly important. We are always open to your ideas, requests and suggestions. With our initiative LEICKE Friends, we would like to give you the opportunity to become a LEICKE friend, test a brand new product for free, and then share your experiences in a review with us and other customers. Besides, you get a 1-year warranty extension for a product you already own to a total of 3 years.

You love technology, computers, smartphones and tablets? Then apply now to become a LEICKE Friends product tester! I already did!

I been running trough a lil loggin Process a couple of emails and then been happy to be Tester.


Leike Friends offering a few different products in the technic area t and since i am not that big fan of phonecases or laptop bags and also not to familiar with any conection plugs or whatever,  i choose this funny looking item for my personal interest .



My husband been all excited and so we unwrapped each of that lil bags and that was in:


The describtion of it was VGA to TV Converter for desktop PCs and notebooks and HDTV and Plasma TVs. – PC screen resolutions: 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×768 – Supported TV Standards: NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N and SECAM – Simultaneous display on PC screen and on TV – Power supply through PS / 2 or USB – Supports overscan and underscan position control – Supports composite video, S-Video, RGB (optionally), RGB output (without cable) – Supports interlace formats – On Screen Display (OSD) product similar to picture, vertical and horizontal size can be adjusted independently – Plug & Play – no driver needed – 24bit true colour – Converter dimensions: 95 mm (L) x55 mm (W) x30 mm (H ) Package Content: USB power cable, converter and information sheet in English. Depending on the availability of the product it is supplied in white or black.

Well, honestly it sounded all so very easy but in the process to install it, it been very difficult for us.

We been looking  first for a manuel, which been not included. All we had been the picture on the back of the box and a rough manual (which sounded chinese for us) from the internet. For non geek and non familiar Internet or Technic freaks that whole thing been quiet difficult.

Not everyone is a professional computer geek and for us it been the first time we had something like this in our hands and at home!

The V- Coonvertor did not work and we had the feeling we also had to many choices of cables and no idea where exactly to plug them in. We kind figured it out how to connect the whole thing but we still couldnt get it working. Might done something wrong with it, or we just to stupid. My husband and me been just to frustated to try further and we give it a miss here.

I might try it if anyone gives me a better idea of what we exactly have to do or i just admire it from the outside lol.

Next time i will choose something non technice cable thingy or with a big handbook!

Thank you very much for the chance we got from Leicke Friends.

Stay tuned






  1. Verständlichkeits Test —> durchgefallen 😀
    Is doch auch mal interessant zu testen. Etwas neues, und dann das. So weiss Leicke es muss megr informiert werden 🙂


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