Made my #heart jump# love

Hello my lovelys,

When i came home this morning from night shift and came into our kitchen,  i found this


Yes,  i been tired and blah but seeing this filled my heart with joy and love.  What a nice thing from my husband to drop it like this😍. This our very first,  own potatoes from our veggie Patch😆😆.
Of course i make now some nice potatoes recipes.  Any ideas what to cook? ???

Have a nice day peeps
Stay tuned



  1. Ach wie cool, mein Bruder hat jetzt auch Katoffeln und Topinambur gepflanzt. Aber noch nichts geerntet. Hmm, vielleicht Rosmarinkartoffeln im Ofen und dazu einfach ein leckerer Salat?


Happy to read from you guys

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