#Maybelline# Essential garden # forbidden dreams#Birthday

Hello my lovelys,

to my birthday 2 weeks ago, my husband made me a pretty goodie bag.


These been a few things i could find in it.


This absolut pretty nailpolish from #Maybelline New Work Color Show by #Colorama in a beautiful Ozean Blue Number 661. Picture will follow to this.


Eau de parfum from #essential garden-#forbidden berries. It really has the smell of some lovely sweet berries but not in a nasty chewing gum way.  If you attach it to your skin it smells first a bit after alcohol and then it turns into a lovely, berry smell.


#Shower creme from #essential garden-#forbidden berries.
Has aswell a very berry smell but i havent tried it yet. It says,  it has the smell of blueberries but i just smell berries lol. Still feels weird as i never had a liquid shower creme. But i def give it a shot.

That been some things of my lovely #Birthday goodie bag.

Stay tuned Ninjaprincess x


Happy to read from you guys

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