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Hi lovelys,

Iam sorry i got a bit quiet latley but trough my new Job and the hillarious shifts i battle,  i have got the feeling i get nothing really done:oops:. Shame on me.

Well today i try to catch up with some stuff. 🙂

Starting with one of my new nailpolish i been showing you latley.  The #themermaidtail from #essence number #05FindingDori ! 

Back to these new nailpolish.

Thats what it says:

05 finding Dori
Sand feeling nail polish that creates a rough surface on your nails,  for 3D nails to touch!
Apply 2 coats use a base coat!

It is very easy to apply.  I like it, if the brush glide easily over the nail,  these test is passed.


Its also none of these nailpolish where you get breathing problems cause you simply inhale the chemicals in.
I have to confest, i forgot to put a base coat on but i applied 2 coats of the actual color on. 
The nailpolish fortunally dry quickly and i cant agree to the sand feeling.  Feels very smooth and just on some nails a bitty rough. Defintely a glam bling nailpolish, might not the 3D iam used from a movie (thank god) lol,  but iam very happy with the shining color.
And i do love the end result of it.  Judge for yourself.  What are you thinking?  do you like or dislike?


Unfortunally,  i bought these nail sticker for the mermaid effect aswell but broke on my left hand almost every nail last week. Well these experience has to get delayed and i shall try later on.

Anyway,  that been a well worth buy and absolut ninjaproofed

Stay tuned Ninjaprincess xo



  1. Super schöner Lack muss ich sagen, die LE kann sich echt sehen lassen. 🙂 Und Glückwunsch zum neuen Job, weiß ja nicht wie neu, aber ich wusste noch nichts davon. 😉


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