Hi lovelys,

Anyone of yous are crisps Monster? ?

Well we are!  Kinda addicted to lots of sweets.  On our Test Top List right now been these new walkers crisp which are taking part in a voting draw till end of the year.

The sizzling steak fajita wasnt really my favorite taste.  Been for my own taste to spicey and hot. These one past the test for my husband as he like these kind of taste.  Very steaky ish. …


The pulled Pork in a sticky bbq sauce been quiet more my taste.  A lil bit spicey a lil smokey and tasted like bacon😆.

There are some other ones to choose one but not for me, as they all contain onion powder:oops:.

Anyway,  been quiet an intresting test but i might stick to my salt crisps for now! !!😆😆😆.
Stay tuned Ninjaprincess x


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Happy to read from you guys

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