#PurinaProPlanDelicateOptirenalTest von #Trendsetter.eu

Hello lovelys,

we could test again and if i say we i mean, this time it been the lil furry ones in our house.

Miss Sunny and Miss Fosters

Quickly introduce you again.

This is Miss Sunnywpid-20130705_142059.jpg

Miss Sunny is the princess in the house. Scared of her own bloddy shadow, lovelable, always wants to put her paw in your face or poke you into your hips. Likes licking and Scratching on and at everything which is in front of her. She likes to eat salad, Chips and sometimes the expensive cat Food. Overall she likes to sleep on top of cupboards or under and on the Sofa. Preferable aswell on Mummys legs or Daddys feet. Sneacks up on you if you on the toilet and sometimes sleep in the sink. Loves all kinds of boxes and blankets.

This is Miss Fosterwpid-20130715_145616.jpg

or how she gets called as nickname Drama Queen.

Miss Foster is the mother of Sunny but kinda hates her. She prefers to stay on her own and if and only if SHE EVER decide, get cuddles from Mummy and Daddy when SHE wants. Hobbys are hunting lovely colored birds, dotchy mices and laying under cars. Favorite Food is Cheese and Crips, also likes expensice CAT Food but has a sensitive tummy.

Well, as you can see , testing with these two can be quiet a challenge.

We made a Video but sadly we cant upload it , can only Show on my fb page:( it been so amazing to see them both eating the Food for the first time:) If any of you know a trick to get a Video from Facebook on here, iam open for any suggestions.

About Trendsetter first:) Trendsetter is a new Online Community. You can get registered with your Dates and if there is the possibility for a product test you would like to attend, like this one we doing right now, you apply for it and might end up with the result of getting the Chance to test a product, write about it and give other People the chance to read about it and share your experiences. I like Communitys like this and iam very happy we got the Chance.

If you would like to check them out, here is the link to there Webpage https://www.trendsetter.eu/r/KwMIqPCF9-cXQdkE_6he1w

Anyways we been so lucky to get a package from them with these lovely cat Food in.


1x 400 g Package Pro Plan Delicate

5x 100 g Samples of Pro Plan Delicate

5x Coupons each 2 Euro worth

5 Magazines for friends

Thank you very much Trendsetter Team:)

As you already know i always like to look behind a Company scence so i did that with Purina aswell and i have to say i am impressed

When a rescued dog or cat needs care, it’s often a small rescue group who is there by their side. But these small groups are sometimes unheard, or unseen.

Purina® Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® is committed to helping these groups give pets the nutrition, care, and loving homes they deserve. That’s why we support hundreds of rescue groups across the country by providing high-quality nutrition, financial support, marketing materials and networking opportunities.

Since it began in 2005, the Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue network of rescue groups has helped find homes for over 650,000 dogs and cats. As the number continues to grow, we remain dedicated to seeking new ways to raise awareness, gain support and help these rescue groups carry on their extraordinary work.

Source http://www.proplan.com/rally-to-rescue/

Speachless not something what happens often to me but i wasnt prepare makeing these Producttest with Trendsetter.eu and Purina and find something absolut extraordinary out:) well done i applaud to this.

On there Website i also found out they have a P5 App for dogs and cats. You wonder what that is? I did too and found out it is a “Step by step” instruction for either your dog or cat. With the helping Hand of an professional Expert you can teach your cat  some tricks, promoting health trough Nutrition, tips about what you feeding your cat and so on and on. Just so you know for Dogs, there is actually a traininsplan etc there aswell.

Thats just a short cut about the Company Purina Pro Plan.

Back to our test. We got a big package of PRO Plan Delicate Optirenal for healthy kidneys and like Scott said some lil bags for Sunnys and Fosters Friends:)

  • What is so extraordinary on PRO PLAN DELICATE?

    I searched the Internet an found on the page of http://www.medicanimal.com/Cats/Wellness-Food/PURINA/Pro-Plan-Cat-Adult-Optirenal-Salmon-and-Rice-400g/p/I0000877

    the following description


    Your adult cat is now strong, developed and in the prime of her life. She needs a food that will help optimise the
    function of her urinary system, one of her key protective systems. Some cats, especially as they age, may
    experience problems with their kidney function, which can, among other things, lead to the build up of waste
    products and other toxins to dangerous levels.

    *Healthy Kidneys are key to a cat’s long-term health and well-being. New Pro Plan with OPTIRENAL developed by vets
    and nutritionists, helps support kidney function. Controlled pH formula to maintain urinary health.

    Formulated with OPTIRENAL a specific blend of nutrients that helps protect cat’s kidney function.

    * High quality Salmon as the No.1 ingredient for optimal palatability
    * Optimal protein-to-calorie ratio to help maintain body condition
    * Highly digestible protein and carbohydrate sources, which means fewer indigested nutrients reach the lower
    intestinal tract, resulting in good stool quality and low faecal output
    * Proven to reduce tartar build up by 40%


    Protein- 36%
    Oil- 16%
    Ash- 7%
    Linoleic acid- 1% (min)
    Fibre- 1.5%
    Calcium- 1.2%
    Phosphorus- 1.1%
    magnesium- 0.1%
    Copper (as copper sulphate) 22mg/kg

    Source http://www.medicanimal.com

    Thats what our cats say:)

    I dont know how to describe, there must be something real good in it as the smell trough the package made them both already all nuts. You Need to be careful, as they try to rip the bag out of your hands and eat it hahaha.

    The challenge for us with PurinaProPlan, are they touching the Food, was thank god not a Problem, as they enjoyed it from day one very much.

    Even if there is a big share on Turkey in it, which Sunny normaly dont like to much, seems to be with the other ingredienst not a Drama for her now! Sunny also trow up in a regulary time, since i feed her that, it also didnt happen. Shall see if its just a coincidence or really the new Food on her daily menue plan.

    Every day later in the afternoon a bowl of Purina Pro Plan Optirenal on there new menue plan. They still love to eat it and i see the Problem coming up, when the package is empty, that they refuse again, to eat something else! They like to do that from time to time, the posh kittens lol.

    We shall see, thank god we got also some coupons from Trendsetter, so we might survive for a while hahaha

    Btw. we gave aswell some packages away to test. We still waiting for results how they coped with the new food. But iam pretty sure her cats will love it just the way ours do.

    Our Fury End Result:

    If they already healthier? i doubt it much as Miss Fosters still hunting outside and Miss Sunny inside ( lil flys, Spiders etc). There is not much you can do about it.  But…… if there is only a tiny lil Chance of, helping them to improve there health, we are in.

    The most important for us, they like to eat it. And they do, so the test passed with 100 Ninjaprooved PAWS Prozent.

    Thank you so much to #Trendsetter for giving us the Chance to be part of these great challenge, to test #Purina ProPlan Delicate Optirenal for healthy kidneys and hopeful for more healthy cats.

    Now we let some Pictures speak for itself!




    Stay tuned

    Phewwwwwwww Sunny and Fosters double Paws



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