Random Future Thoughts….

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take a Chance on Me.”

Hello my lovelys,

today i have one of these days, where you just dont know what to do with yourself and you are bored but cant also be bothered to do anything.


As some of you know, we are in the middle of starting a Business up.

Right now we reached the point, where all the preparations done, the business plan is written, the finance plan is set and all our documents now at the banks to get some help for the business.

We traveled for month to find the perfect village or town with a location, we visited trading Fairs to get ideas for Products. Meet first Suppliers in there Showrooms, got Tax Lawyers involved etc etc.

Searched for key numbers, checked the Competitor, collected Contacts and filled the Business Plan every day with more gathered Information.

Many assholes out there who try to play with Start ups, not only once we thought about just giving in and asked ourselves if its really worth it.


But we kept hanging in there, we learned to deal under a lot of pressure with each other, as a couple, as a team.

In our old Business life, we could easily say, “ya your boss is an asshole”, well thats now different, as we share the idea, the plan the work the business.

So who do we complain now to? Many things we just started to learn and still in the process. Dealing with all the ups and downs the rollercoaster of live and still having a healthy Marriage. We made it, cause if we learned one thing from the past months, its we can trust each other and at the end thats all what matters, it made us just stronger.


Cant complaine about not being busy at all. At some point we sometimes just collapsed in the evening in the bed and thought we could sleep forever.

Now we could really say, its time to relax a lil while before the Storm begins, but you know whats funny? we cant lol.

We want it going, we gave up so much and we wanna earn our own money from our own business. Keep it going.

Feel the rush of life lol.

Meanwhile we sitting here, waiting like a lost puppy waiting for what the Bank says. Do they like our idea, are they willing to Support us!

Its a scary thought, not really able to do anything right now, and relay on the god will of whoever is ready to deal with us then……

Thanks for listening and i might moan more soon lol

Stay tuned

Ninjaprincess x



  1. Meine Liebe, ich freu mich sehr für euch, dass ihr so weit gekommen seid – und vor allem, dass ihr zusammen haltet, das ist schließlich das Wichtigste! Solche Tiefs sind denke ich normal, ruh dich aus, gönn dir eine Pause und dann starte wieder ganz durch. 🙂
    Ich hoffe sehr, dass ihr die Unterstützung bekommt, die ihr euch wünscht! Halt uns auf dem Laufenden. 🙂

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  2. Kann mir vorstellen, dass man nach soviel arbeit auf einmal in der luft hängt,wenn man auf einmal viel weniger zu tun hat, aber ich wünsche euch, dass die bank eure idee mag 👍🏻🍀

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