Posh and drunk

Hello my lovelys

so todays Daily Prompt is about the “Middle Seat.” the Situation you happen to meet a very chatty Person?
Oh yeah, i can just tell a story right away. A few weeks ago. i joined with some Friends a Beer Fest. Not to mention, that i absolutley drink no Alcohol so what so ever. Anyway i enjoy always these Events, and most of the time i find myself giggle with the people and there alcohol level slowly raise or even sometimes rather quickly lol.

Back to that particular evening, we happend to meet a friend of us, who also came with some friends of his and we enjoyed a nice chat. First it started off a bit frosty, you know if you happen to meet people, who are from the “Upper Class” or think they are? Later in the evening, i dont know how that could happen but i saw myself having exactly from that “Upper Class” a new girlfriend rather drunk and telling me half of her life at such a speed that i felt dizzy haha.

Terrified i watched her ordering more beer and for a tiny woman, she could drink like a bear wow lol.

I heard the story about the neighbor lady which had Cats which decided later to live with her, then the kids which get no attention at all and then her Dog she wants to get from Tenerife cause she saw him when she had been on vacation there and snap in the next second i get confroted with her whole Smartphone Picture Gallery ahhhhhhhh.


Yeah, that been kind a situation in which i seriuosly been thinking about to just turn around and walk off , but then i didnt and continued to listen for hours till i excused myself for the toilet and walked off.

Happy Beer Fest, i bet she had a hangover :p

Did you had any kind of situation like this?
Shoot i wanna hear all the juicy details ❤

Stay tuned

Ninjaprincess x



Happy to read from you guys

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