Daily Prompt: Forlorn

via Daily Prompt: Forlorn
Hello my lovelies,

since I am back into blogging what better way as to start to connect with the Daily Prompt and todays word is forlorn….
But what exactly does it mean, for you for me?
I could write about the human feelings or the unemotional description of the adjective “Forlorn”. To be honest I had to look it up as was not sure what the exact meaning was but here you go a wonderful describtion thanks to google:)

Old English forloren ‘depraved, morally abandoned’, past participle of forlēosan ‘lose’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch verliezen and German verlieren, and ultimately to for- and lose. forlorn (sense 1) dates from the 16th century.
The use of the Forlorn over the years, as you can see the use of the word drasticaly changed over the years.Intresting to see what power a single word can have.Download

forlorn adjective (UNLIKELY TO SUCCEED)

[ before noun ] very unlikely to be achieved or to succeed:

Their only hope now is that the outside world will intervene but it is an increasingly forlorn hope.
She appeared on daytime TV in a forlorn attempt to persuade the public of her innocence.

Thesaurus synonyms and related words
Feeling sad and unhappy

(down) in the dumps idiom a dog’s life idiom a long face idiom abject be cut up idiom be down in the mouth idiom be in a funk idiom bruised distressed dog doleful dour grieving miserably mope mope around (somewhere) morose mournful not be a happy camper idiom wretched
Pretty amazing if you ask me I never searched so much about a single word been quite impressed if you ask me!

I am not sure what I could post about forlorn which would come close enough to the descriptions I read today.

I hope my friends will not feel forlorn in any way!

I hope you enjoyed this different topic today and wish you a beautiful day.

Ninjaprincess x


Happy to read from you guys

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