Hello my lovelies,

We are a thirty-something South German Scottish household with an English Cocker Lady named Zara living in Scotland.

We speak southern German-Scottish, a language that is often difficult to understand, but we make every effort to be understood.

We are a crazy bunch, we like to play on the children’s playground (without children) or do things the kids of today should do more, have fun outside !!!!!!!!!!!

We love to explore nature and celebrate a regular retail therapy * grin *. As you can see, we are easy going.

I just took a longer break from blogging through moving, new job and other things in my life. But I have missed my blogging time as I have met incredibly lovely people that I would never have met without this blog. I am very grateful for that and looking forward to meet you now:)

I write about mixed things, sometimes it’s a product test, sometimes a book or just a swing from our crazy life. I enjoy it and that should be always the priority

Stay tuned.

Your Ninjaprincess xx



  1. Hallo liebe Ninjaprincess, im Gegenzug besuche ich dich und finde deinen Blog auch sehr schön, ich bin ja im Blog schreiben auch noch ein Anfänger. Hat mich gefreut von dir zu lesen 😉

    Liebe Grüße Pampelune


      1. Yes, I am looking forward to that as well! Your blog is full of things for me to read and I love them all. I hope my blog is entertaining enough for you. I’m trying to start my NGO and at the moment I am running a fundraiser.

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  2. Greetings, Ninja Princess! Thank you so kindly for visiting my blog and for your follow – that is most kind! I am grateful for a couple of things, actually, not least the TRANSLATE bubble that magically appears when I click onto one of your German pages… haha! What a sweet little blog you have here – Welcome to the henhouse – I shall be happy to follow along on your adventures as well! xx Mother Hen

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      1. Ja 😉 War ein herrlich warmer Tag heute. In der Schweiz hat es ja richtig viel geschneit, so wie ich gehört habe (in den Bergen)… Die Bilder die ich gesehen habe, sahen nach Winter aus… Da waren wohl einige nicht ganz happy 😉

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