Pretty new boots😍

Hello my lovelies,

How are you? how’s your week been. My week was full of joy so far and one of my joys was that I bought myself new Doc Martens boots and I love them very much.

For many months now I was complaining about cold and wet feets and I actually was eyeing up these boots forever. At the weekend I had again wet feets and grow some balls and ordered them. Yes,  to be honest I was feeling a wee bit guilty as they cost a fair bit but I wanted some good boots. And yeah some style to 😁.

How do you like them? ❤




I was really impressed , that as soon I was finished to tie all the laces up and slipped into them, how comfortable they felt. You know that feeling if you slip into new shoes and during the first seconds you know its a yay or a nay and for me it was straight away a yay! I am a bit concerned about how to clean the roses the best but I hope i can maybe just use a wet brush or so. Thinking about to get the Doc Martens polish as well.

I have a bit sore ankles this now, they are really super tight right now but hopefully once they broke in,I can enjoy them to the fullest.

Not that a dream come true with 40 years having some Dr Martens boots no, I am also very impressed about the history of this very stylish and well established brand over the years.

If you wanna learn more about the history have a look here>

It’s definitely worth a read.

I wish you all a wonderful day and rest of the week



Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer #2 (2015) , How strong is the Force with you?

Hello my lovelys,

ich habe meinem Mr. Awesome zum Geburtstag die Star Wars Reihe gekauft und wir haben es geschafft alle Teile in drei Tagen anzuschauen:)

Hätte nie gedacht, dass ich das mal sage aber mich hat es gepackt und ich kann es wirklich kaum erwarten bis im Dezember der nächste Teil rauskommt.

Ich konnte vorher nie verstehen, wo der ganze Humbug liegt aber nun bin ich dabei und voll vom Fieber gepackt:)

Anbei schon mal eine kleine Vorschau die ich auf Youtube MovieClips Trailers gefunden habe.

Mensch wie aufregend, seid ihr auch Fans oder ist die Force not as strong in your Family?

Ist mir schon fast peinlich aber ich kannte nur die Parodie, Spaceballs :p .

Gott sei Dank bin ich zur Vernunft gekommen und kenne die wahre Macht hahahaha.

Stay tuned

Ninjaprincess x