New year resolution No 1

Hello my lovelies, 

How is everyone’s first week in the new year going?  I got called into work on the second of January at 8 am even if it was my day off as I worked all the time through over Christmas but hey ho no rest for the wicked lol. Nothing changed so far everything seems to be the same but I have one very important resolution for this year

I won’t let people play with me anymore and I won’t beg or try to please everyone as all I learned in the past, if you deal with toxic people they always make it look like it’s your fault and it will be never ever good enough. Well enough of that ✌❤✌. I will start to look more after myself and defend myself. 

What are your resolution? ❤

Love Ninjaprincess x


Happy new Year ❤

I wish you all the best in the new year and that you all be blessed with health and success in what you wish for. I hope you had a great first day of this year. Myself spent it with my husband and my furbaby on the sofa watching movies on Netflix and be cosy .

Be safe and happy new year 

Ninjaprincess x


Just random throwback 🎬

Hello my lovelies, 

Can you relate to that sometimes for no perticular reason out of the blue you have a flashback over your year’s.👀  Things which happend, things you said, you felt and how it makes you feel now,  the outcome and turn of your lifestyle? 

It simply happend to me just on my way shopping today with #Spotify music in my ear🎧 and I suppose I might got triggered from some music. Music can be a hugh trigger for me. 🎶How is that for you? Are you enjoying some flash back throwbacks from time to time?🎬

Grab a seat and tell me about it ❤

Ninjaprincess x

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